Cellphone as a sextoy

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8 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone

8 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone - Bawdy Bookworms

Giving new meaning to the term phone sex, a British company is selling software that transforms a cell phone into a sex toy. We had to delay the launch date to avoid April 1. It's a joke product, but it definitely works. The software, which costs UKGP 1. Once installed, it has just two controls: Start and Pause.

This case turns your phone into a vibrator

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Toys. Vibrators, those simple sex toys that many of us have learned to depend on and love, have a complicated history. These gadgets were actually first created to relieve doctors treating women with "hysteria" with manual genital massages from getting hand cramps.
Another downer that dealt me was turning my relationship status from almost-live-in to long-distance. So when I found myself flanked by conservative parents and shitty WiFi that made phone sex feel like walkie talkie sex, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I also mean finding apps that will help me masturbate. So it should come as no shock that we have vibrator apps which promise to turn your phone into an instant sex toy goodvibrationsonly. According to data by app analysis platform Apptopia, vibrator apps saw a percent increase in the first five months of the pandemic, with more than 1.