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Overuse of mobiles by university students may be related to lower grades, drinking problems and more sexual partners, a study says. In a survey of more than 3, people taking degrees in the US, those who said they had problems with the amount of time they spent on their phones also reported having more sexual partners. Its aim was to assess mental health and wellbeing among university students and to see what impact mobile phones had on them. To establish whether mobile phone use was excessive, students were asked a variety of questions, including:. The study found that the proportion of students reporting two or more sexual partners in the past 12 months was significantly higher among those also reporting overuse of mobile phones - The proportion with six or more sexual partners was more than double among those who said they overused their smartphones.

Why is it important to protect mobile phones against child sexual abuse material?

Why is it important to protect mobile phones against child sexual abuse material? - oasautos.com

Love it or hate it, sexual health education in the U. Efforts like volunteer teaching programs, fundraising, and awareness campaigns strive to give today's youth the information they need to make healthy decisions, but perhaps one of the most powerful moves made in this arena has been the push to use SMS and mobile applications to reach teens with comprehensive, factual information on sex and sexual health. After all, what better way is there to reach a teenager than through their cell phone? National organization Planned Parenthood has recognized the value of texting in reaching a young audience. It has launched a campaign called In Case You're Curious ICYC that allows teens to confidentially submit any questions they may have about sex and sexual health via text and receive a non-judgmental answer within 24 hours.

'Excessive' student mobile phone use linked to more sexual partners

Mobile phones, and especially smartphones, have in many ways transformed our lives. They are phones, cameras and computers in one, and give us access to the internet almost no matter where we are. Mobile networks and mobile phones are aiding progress across the globe in many fields — from healthcare to community development. However, mobile phones are also used for harmful purposes.
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