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One of the strongest contributors to the quality of life is sexual health, which comprises a wide range of biopsychosocial indicators characterizing the mental and somatic aspects of health [1]. Sexual functioning is ensured by the integrated interaction of biological, mental, and sociocultural factors and is realized due to a combination of psychophysiological and emotional reactions, experiences and actions of a person associated with sexual desire and satisfaction [2]. Currently, the relationship between gynecological diseases and sexual activities and function in couples has not been sufficiently explored. The Consensus Statement from the 4th International Consultation on Sexual Medicine reported the incidence and prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women and men [3]. The studies investigating the incidence and prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in women and men demonstrated a high level of variability in their findings ranging from 8. Substantial variability in the incidence, duration, and structure of sexual dysfunctions was associated primarily with differences in age, and the presence of somatic comorbidities and mental diseases in the studied populations. In the current International Classification of Diseases ICD , the most common disorders related to female sexual dysfunction include disorders of sexual desire and arousal, orgasmic dysfunction, as well as vaginismus and dyspareunia [4].

Sex in China, by Elaine Jeffreys with Haiqing Yu

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This comprehensive and exceptionally interesting book on a universally fascinating topic — sex in another culture — is marred, although not ruined, by what I suppose are professionally necessary social-science words and phrases. Sex in China examines, and does not shrink from describing, heterosexual and homosexual sex, prostitution, the sale and marketing of sex, and differing cultural and generational attitudes. Elaine Jeffreys and Haiqing Yu, academics based in Australia, convincingly dismiss the notion that what appears to be, and often is, sexual liberation in China, especially for women, is entirely the result of Western influence.