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Meryl Streep was onto something in the The Devil Wears Prada when she said that trends trickle down a slope that starts with designers and taste-makers, hits the mainstream, and flows on down into the bargain bins. Increasingly, the world of home decor is resembling the world of fashion. An independent artist will attract a cult following with a new design, shade, or shape. Fast homeware brands replicate whatever style is dominating Instagram hashtags to make a quick buck, and then almost as quickly as the first trend appears, a new one rises to take its place. Headless naked women are emerging in almost every kind of accessory — from mugs and vases, to fine line paintings and prints, custom wallpapers, plant holders, jewellery and candles.

Why these women over 50 happily got naked in front of a stranger

"Naked Women of North America" by John Colasacco

Getting your gear off in front of a stranger is not something you do every day. But a new exhibition of women aged over 50 photographed naked demanded exactly that. Melbourne photographer Ponch Hawkes has shot a stunning black and white series of older women in the raw, resulting in a joyous representation of bodies in all shapes and sizes. Called Strong , the exhibition celebrates womanhood generally and those featured specifically, breaking the bizarre taboo that suggests bodies of this ilk should not be seen. Credit: Ponch Hawkes.

Why naked women are taking over homeware

Faked nude images of more than , women have been created from social media pictures and shared online, according to a new report. Clothes are digitally removed from pictures of women by Artificial Intelligence AI , and spread on the messaging app Telegram. Some of those targeted "appeared to be underage", the report by intelligence company Sensity said. Deepfakes are computer-generated, often realistic images and video, based on a real template.
It allowed many negative energies to turn into positive energies and together the two unified organizations became active in community affairs. They opened and operated a gas station, two restaurants, community clean-up programs and enforced school truancy policies. The Black Gangster Disciples were given a security contract for Wilson Junior College, located on 70th and Stewart Streets in the Englewood district. Our members were given jobs in the 63rd Street shopping concourse as security guards, salespersons and they also worked in the neighborhood bank. One of our members still holds the same job he acquired during this period.