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Youtube is one of the most popular platforms out there right now, with people all over the world wanting to make a living through making videos and posting them online. One of the most popular ways to get popular on Youtube is though gaming videos, as watchers turn in to see people playing popular video games like Call of Duty and Fifa. One successful gaming group that are doing just that are the FaZe clan, who have now become one of the biggest social media organisations ever. Since then, they have moved into Esports, a form of sport competition that involved people playing multiplayer video games competing professionally for prize money. They call themselves the most subscribed gaming team and have over 7 million subscribers.

The Untold Truth Of FaZe Clan's Mansion

Who Lives in the FaZe House? Meet the Members of the Collective

Subscriber Account active since. The number of collab houses for Instagram and TikTok influencers to live in and film together has been growing rapidly, and in February one of the world's most popular professional gaming organizations rented a new multi-million-dollar mansion to serve as its base for content creation. FaZe Clan is renting a Burbank, California home with 10 bedrooms split between four buildings on a 36,square-foot property. Previous renters include pop star Justin Bieber. The group uses the home to film vlogs, video game highlights, pranks, and music videos — content that brings in millions of views on YouTube and makes FaZe one of the most influential companies in the professional gaming business. FaZe members living at the house include: Richard "Banks" Bengtson 5.

where is the faze house located 2020

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Teenagers find this corporate conglomerate incredibly cool. When a group of members visited SoHo in New York City this summer, multiple city blocks were closed after thousands of fans flooded the streets. FaZe Clan consists of 34 content creators and 15 professional esports players, and 11 hybrid creators who are both pro players and entertainers.