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YouTube has updated the enforcement of its live streaming policy to prevent young children from going live unless they are supervised by an adult. Click To Tweet. We're still waiting for support on PS5. Youtube is rolling out dedicated landing pages for hashtags to all users worldwide, giving us a new way to sort …. Forbes has named 9-year-old Ryan Kaji as the highest-paid YouTube creator for the third consecutive year. Last week YouTube announced it's testing a new automatic video chapters feature and an easier way for users to add ….

Your Kids Could be Seeing too Much Adult Content on YouTube, and It's Cracking Down

YouTube creates new 'edgy' adult content ad category for brands - Netimperative

A majority of Americans across a wide range of demographic groups are YouTube adopters, with younger Americans standing out as especially avid users of the site. A new Pew Research Center survey of U. It should be noted that YouTube explicitly states that the platform is not intended for children younger than 13, and that the site provides a YouTube Kids option for children that has enhanced parental controls. But even as many users are turning to content on YouTube to help them understand the world and learn new things, large shares say they encounter negative experiences with content on the platform.

Many Turn to YouTube for Children’s Content, News, How-To Lessons

Even years after dominating as the biggest video streaming service, YouTube misses the most basic thing expected from such platforms - moderation of dangerous content. The company has long struggled to keep videos aimed at children clean, and now, some threat actors are making this worse by uploading adult content disguised as kids' videos on the platform. As first reported by software engineer Abhas Tandon, certain YouTube channels have been abusing simple 'how-to' videos to expose children to adult content.
The streaming video service removed more than 50 user channels in the last week and stopped running ads on over 3. Parents, regulators, advertisers and law enforcement have become increasingly concerned about the open nature of the service. They have contended that Google must do more to banish and restrict access to inappropriate videos, whether it be propaganda from religious extremists and Russia or comedy skits that appear to show children being forcibly drowned.