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I slipped on the saggy black pair of disposable underwear that was given to me at the front desk, and debated whether I should remove my bra. I was in the locker room at a hammam, or a Turkish bath, in Istanbul. I heard it was normal for women to go topless in these establishments, and despite the fact that this hammam was divided by gender, my Puritan American roots led me to believe I should be modest and keep myself covered. I slipped on a towel and made my way to the steam room. As I pushed open the door to the main chamber, the first thing that hit me was the searing wave of heat and humidity that made it hard to catch my breath, but the second was the multitude of flesh.

Top-25 Beautiful Turkish Women. Photo Gallery

Top Beautiful Turkish Women. Photo Gallery

Also known as the Turkish bath, hammam has become a wellness treatment for locals, as well as a special experience for foreigners. If you are naturally inquisitive, here are some recommended hammams in Istanbul and everything you need to know before you go. For some hammams, male or female services are limited to certain hours of the day, so it is always important double-check in advance to avoid misunderstandings. For first-time visitors to a Turkish bath, make sure to choose a service that includes the essential scrubbing and bubble wash. Other options include self-service or an additional oil massage.

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Turkish women are amazing women, whose beauty has been praised in songs, literature and paintings for centuries. There is some indication of the typical appearance of Turkish women, it is believed that all Turkish women have dark skin, dark brown hair, burning eyes. But how nature is divers, the culture of this country so the beauty of women is diverse.
It is a prominent feature in the culture of the Muslim world and was inherited from the model of the Roman thermae. A variation on the Muslim bathhouse, the Victorian Turkish bath , became popular as a therapy, a method of cleansing, and a place for relaxation during the Victorian era , rapidly spreading through the British Empire , the United States of America , and Western Europe. In Islamic cultures the significance of the hammam was both religious and civic: it provided for the needs of ritual ablutions but also provided general hygiene and served other social functions in the community such as a gendered meeting place for men and for women. Heat is produced by furnaces which provided hot water and steam , while smoke and hot air was channeled through conduits under the floor. They are then usually washed by male or female staff matching the sex of the visitor with the use of soap and vigorous rubbing, before finishing off by washing themselves in warm water.