Top 10 black male pornstars

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During these years we have published dozens of top 10 posts already, most covering female pornstars. Today, we are switching things up. Male pornstars deserve attention too, black males especially. It looks like there is a stigma of some sort against ebony men and females in porn.

Top 10 Black Male Pornstars

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With anything we enjoy present-day porn included , we should take time to reflect upon the contributions provided us by people of color—not just in February for Black History Month, but year-round. The adult industry, while not without its own problems regarding race, created markets of influence and opportunity for black performers early in the business' inception, and continues to do so to this day. This isn't an all-encompassing list of influential black performers, as there many still, but these stars undeniably made a name for themselves in adult entertainment and paved a way for their successors. Here are 30 porn performers who shaped the adult industry with their unforgettable careers.

30 Influential & Iconic Black Porn Stars

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