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Toggle navigation. How to Take Amazing Nude Shots. Nude photography is a popular genre of fine art photography since the inception of the medium in the middle of the 19th century, but it has long been controversial and even considered to be just pornographic. It even has its own Festival at Arles in France each year. The human body is an extraordinary creation and its complex shape and its sublime contours make it an ideal subject for photographers.

The Nude Pictures That Won’t Go Away

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I used to live in an apartment that was great for shooting. It had almost no furniture, there were lovely wooden floors, white walls and a lot of space. Shortly said — an awesome place for an improvisational studio. Therefore it was a big shame to move out to my current place which is, in terms of photo shooting, pretty bad.

How to Take Amazing Nude Shots

There are some strict guidelines you have to keep in mind throughout your photo shoot. But you can make nude photography a fun and creative experience for everyone involved. You can photograph your nude models from the shoulders up or take close-ups only. You can use dramatic light to cover up most of their body parts. Or you can do the complete opposite and go for soft lighting.
Remember me. Nude photography can be a lot fun, for both the photographer and the model. We compiled some nude photography tips to help ensure that your experience with nude photography is enjoyable and produces great images. For this list of tips, we also include guidance for the models.