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Sean's mother wasn't due home from work for another hour. He had plenty of time to sneak into her room, grab a bra and underwear from her hamper and jerk off to his heart's delight. When Sean had hit puberty, his mother's breasts became a great attraction. As he grew older, he began noticing her entire body, and he jerked his dick thinking about

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Maybe it all started when i watched my mom sunbath on the balcony. She had a bikini, and sometimes she used to take down the top so i remember seeing her boobs pressed on the side and feeling aroused, and then watching her ass that was a bit large at that time. So i started masturbating looking at her. Sometimes she would turn her head and because she had special sunglasses, she wouldn't have been able to see me, and i was standing in the back anyway. Once in a while also, she'd hear something or sense something weird and she'd take off her sunglasses, but then i would stay in a corner for a bit. And then, when i had an orgasm looking at her, it was so violent i had to run off in my room just after cause i feared i would scream.

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I don't have any close friends. I need to tell somebody, to make them understand that I am not a slut. I could blame it on losing my boyfriend of 15 years.
I started to wonder if something was going on when I was at work or when I had to go out of town. I waited around the corner intil I saw the lights go out in the front of the house. I went down the hall and as I neared our bedroom I heard my wife say to her son to knock her up like her dad did her to make him. Am now single again and my knocked up ex wife is in jail waiting to be a mommy of a incest made baby.