Mad about sex

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Jennifer McShane. Shayna Sappington. We both work full-time and have a busy life at home. Our sex life never really recovered after our first child, or certainly not to the level it was pre-kids. My husband is going mad and says he would happily have sex three times per week.

My partner wants sex every night and sulks if I don’t agree

Eric Gill: 'Mad about sex' | Art | The Guardian

Photograph: Getty. Things will be okay for a while, but then he reverts to the same behaviour. Punishing a partner for not having sex by being disrespectful, emotionally distant or angry creates a dynamic where saying no to sex becomes imbued with anxiety or even fear of emotional retaliation. Consent is enthusiastic. Agreeing to sex only to avoid punishment is not consent. It is the result of coercion. You know your partner better than I do, however, and there is a possibility that he is not trying to be manipulative or cruel but is feeling rejected and reacting to those feelings immaturely.

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His work looks ever more extraordinary and radical, while his domestic life seems increasingly disturbing. On the opening of a new exhibition of early 20th-century British sculpture, Fiona MacCarthy asks what to do with Eric Gill. W hen did sculpture in Britain become absolutely modern? Not, as some might claim, with the s abstract work of Henry Moore, but 20 years earlier, in a phase of wild experiment immediately before the first world war. The title is taken from Ezra Pound's description of the young French sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska padding behind him "like a well-made young wolf or some soft-moving, bright-eyed wild thing".