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She is the mother of Trevor Philips and appears in a Strangers and Freaks side mission. Philips is the mother of Trevor and Ryan Philips, the latter of whom died at some point before She was once a prostitute and stripper. It is implied in the game that Mrs.

Mrs. Philips

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Philips , who makes her only appearance in the game. For these missions to appear, the storyline will have to be completed with Trevor left alive, which means completing either The Time's Come or The Third Way. This will allow the "? After an emotional conversation with her, she will say she has no insurance and is in pain, and that she needs Deludamol , to which Trevor will pick himself up from the floor and try to leave immediately so he can get her the drug. After the encounter ends, Trevor will stomp out of the trailer upset, and the mission Mrs. Philips will end, allowing the player to search for the van passively.

This guide will highlight the main mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements needed to complete every main story mission. To complete Mrs. Philips ' second mission , Trevor is tasked with finding a Deludamol van.
Trevor Phillips is perhaps one of the most deranged and unpredictable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5. Trevor is taken aback by her presence when he sees her. When Trevor asks what he can do to make things right, his mother responds by telling him to rob a van filled with a drug called Deludamol. Regardless, Trevor obliges and sets off to get her medication.