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Ayane is a slender, athletic, petite, young woman, who has short, purple hair and striking red eyes. Whilst looking more childlike and youthful in the first Ninja Gaiden title, she appears more mature and feminine in Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge , along with a more voluptuous body on par with Rachel in the latter two titles. Ayane's governing color in her attires is violet, as revealed in the Ninja Gaiden series ; she wears a whole body jumpsuit in silver and violet with flower decorations along with several pieces of armor and garb. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 , she opts for a more revealing costume, a dark top with a butterfly ornament on her left breast, a striped mini skirt in purple, some high-heeled sandals and gloves, with a pinkish obi tied on her back, resembling a butterfly's wings. The overall design has a butterfly motif. In Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's edge , Ayane wears a modified version of her default leather costume from Dead or Alive 5 with the Fuma Kodachi being carried on the side of her thighs and butterfly wings on her back.

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She debuted as a hidden character in the PlayStation version of the fighting game Dead or Alive in , and has appeared in all of its sequels and spin-offs so far, including as the main protagonist of Dead or Alive 3. In the games, Ayane is a teenage master of ninjutsu and is characterised by her complex relationship with her half-sister Kasumi , the lead character of the Dead or Alive series. She is also prominently featured as a recurring supporting character in the Ninja Gaiden series since its revival in and has made multiple guest appearances in other games, in particular in the extended Dynasty Warriors franchise. Ayane is one of the most popular Tecmo characters and is one of Koei Tecmo's mascots, but has been a subject of controversies regarding her age and sexualization. Ayane is officially one of the "faces" of Dead or Alive.

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