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Last week I played the violin with Nicola Benedetti. Well my whole band, Corinthian Chamber Orchestra, did, but I got your attention. And she certainly got ours. If those sound like prerequisites for any orchestra, let me explain.

Ask the indie professor: when should amateur musicians call it a day?

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And to some degree, we are. To be human is to be flexible and multifaceted. Life may be more about the journey than the destination, but it sure helps to have a path to walk by… Even if you have to hack it out for yourself with a machete. Ultimately, there is only one thing that defines a professional musician: He or she makes a self-sustaining amount of income from music. The very act of interacting with the marketplace in a sustainably profitable way is all that separates the professional from the amateur. For others, it might be a calling card that helps drive their other, more stable sources of income.

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Making music can be a great joy, not just for the player. Karl Hagstrom Miller examined the topic of amateur musicians in his paper The New Parlor Piano: Home Recording and the Return of the Amateur Musician, which points out that the majority of music-makers past and present have been amateurs. From the purchasers of sheet music to the guitarist who posts a cover version of The Boy with the Arab Strap on YouTube , music-making provides pleasure for people with different skills and abilities. While sales of prerecorded music have plummeted, the sale of musical instruments and peripherals has rocketed.
Image via pixabay. Being a pro — or not — doesn't depend on how many shows you perform a year, how much money you earn, or even how talented you are. It is percent one thing: mindset.